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Financial Education and Debt Management Services

How Can Cove Help You?

Cove and Trinity have partnered together to offer our members debt consolidation services. If you have been struggling to make sense of your personal money matters and need expert advice, you can rely on us. Trinity team of debt management specialists will give you the attention you deserve. Trinity through their Money Ed has three ways to help you manage your debt.


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1. Debt Analysis
As partners in your financial liberation, our team will collect facts about your debt situation and conduct an objective analysis to provide you with an expert advice whatever your situation may be. You owe it to yourself to follow the advice of our experts.

2. Debt Education
We offer Cove members the opportunity to learn more about their finances by providing expert counseling and educational materials at no cost. Knowledge isn’t just valuable, it is priceless. So take the opportunity to learn everything you can about your finances. To access these educational materials be sure to visit the Trinity web site at

3. Debt Assistance
Cove members, when qualified for the Debt Management Program, may have their bills combined into one monthly payment and interest will be lowered by as much as 60 percent. Late and over-limit fees will be eliminated. In three to five years you will pay off your bills, save on interest and increase your credit score significantly.

Cove may be able to help you if you are struggling with your loan payments. Call us at 859-781-LOAN (5626) and let us know how we can help you!