A Credit Union focused on Community

For more than 45 years, Cove Federal Credit Union has looked after our 12,000+ Members by meeting them wherever they are in life and empowering them to make good decisions about their finances. Your choice matters.

It’s more than a savings account... It’s your future

Whatever your financial goals, Cove is here to help you achieve them. At the same time, as part of our cooperative, you help yourself while also helping others.

All of our loans include care and consideration

Whether it’s a want or a need, Cove is committed to helping you figure out what’s best for your budget. As a valued member, you’re more than a credit score to us. You’re family.

e-Services give you access 24/7 using the latest tech

We’re also committed to offering the best level of care to our members anytime, any place. So our Digital Branch is always open for banking on the go.

Get back on track with our Identity Theft Rebuild Kit

We know you’re careful with your information. However, the reality is that identity theft can happen to anyone. Here’s how you can fix it if your identity is stolen.

Join Cove Federal Credit Union and choose to control your own journey.