Cove Federal Credit Union was originally chartered as SEMC Federal Credit Union in 1970.

It was started by a small group of employees of St. Elizabeth Hospital in Covington, Kentucky. These few saw a need for a credit union that would serve the employees of the hospital. In 1978, St. Elizabeth’s South Unit was built in Edgewood, Kentucky and the hospital became St. Elizabeth Medical Center. As the South Unit grew, so did the credit union. In 1989, the credit union moved its main office to the South Unit in Edgewood, but maintained a branch office in the Covington hospital.

In June 1999, the credit union moved off site from the hospital.

We moved to our current location at 577 Dudley Road in Edgewood, Kentucky. This is now the main office for Cove Federal Credit Union.

In 2014, we renamed SEMC Federal Credit Union to Cove Federal Credit Union.

The name pays homage to our history, with great pride in our founding near the waters of the Ohio and Licking rivers. We are that safe harbor, the cove in which our members can place their trust and grow their future.

Cove Federal Credit Union has seen tremendous growth over the 40+ years of its existence.

Our assets have grown from $10 million to over $55 million. Because of our continued success, we are able to help more and more people with additional products and services that add convenience to their daily lives. We are proud to be a full-service credit union providing our members with a choice no matter what the need is.

And we’re still going strong!

Even with the expansion and growth that has been seen, Cove Federal Credit Union remains faithful to the vision of the few who saw a need in 1970 and acted to give the employees a financial institution where they are not customers, they are members. At Cove FCU, our mission is to meet you wherever you are in life and to give you choices which will empower you to achieve your goals while helping others achieve theirs.

Welcome to Cove Federal Credit Union – You belong here.

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